First Sentence

My 21-month-old daughter, C., proclaimed her first sentence the other day, and a beautiful one it was.

I came home from an early morning jog and my wife shared the good news.

The line?

“Mama, my bibi uh oh.”

Translation: “Mother, my pacifier seems to have fallen out of my crib. Please come and pick it up.”

Many times I’ve heard C. say “Mama,” “bibi” and “uh oh.”

But to hear that she strung them all together, and added a pronoun in the process, well that’s just something to make any parent proud.

I haven’t been able to get her to repeat it. But I’ll keep trying.

My name is Jason Montiel. I’ll be stringing a few words together from time to time here. During the day, I write news stories for in Sacramento. This is about my other job: Dad.


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