Meet The Ping Pong Shark

So how did my 6-year-old son, A., develop such wicked skills in ping pong?

He amazes me every day, but this afternoon he schooled me several times.

The day started out well. I was out for a walk with my daughter, C., when we spotted the mother of all yard sales.

I ended up picking up a ping pong table and paddles for just $10.

Back at home, I set it up on the patio. I lobbed a few gentle shots to A. just to get things going. Clearly, he was taking it easy on me.

During a second round later in the day, he didn’t hold back. He served the ball with spin, and several times it zipped past me in a white blur. Where he learned this, I don’t know. I got thumped often.

I’d like to think it was the heat that made me weak — Sacramento hit a high of 105 degrees right about the time we were playing. It had to be at least 100 in the shade of the patio.

But I can’t blame the temperature for everything. The kid has talent. Once he gets a little more practice, I’m in real trouble.


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One response to “Meet The Ping Pong Shark

  1. MissKris

    I love this! I can’t wait to hear more sport updates on that ping pong shark you have! I will have to forward this on to his best friend to see if he can brush up his skills for their next meeting together. I love C’s sentence, Miss A’s first sentence was “I got poop!” I was trying to force her to sit in her high chair when she screamed it at me. I laughed about it all day long. She too, hasn’t repeated the sentence but I am looking forward to what’s to come.

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