Well, it was bound to happen.


Our beloved LCD TV has a big crack in the screen.

Little C. was playing with the stick horse she rides around the front room when the horse bumped into the front of the set.

The result is a colorful shatter pattern in the lower left corner.

The TV sort of works, if you don’t mind lots of lines on the lower half of the screen. Every once in awhile, the picture freezes up as well. But the audio is fine.

Looking around the Web for stories of similar mishaps, it looks like we’re pretty much out of luck. Folks say when this happens, the set is pretty much toast.

The bummer is that is makes guilty pleasures such as “Mad Men” and “MI-5” pretty hard to enjoy.

We’ll get by. In the big scheme of things, it’s just a minor glitch.

What TV makers need to do is sell a child-proof version, able to withstand flying Hot Wheels and sippy cups.

Maybe one with a Kevlar film on the screen. Or a chicken-wire cage to keep kids out.

In the meantime, we’ll keep the set we have.

It’s kind of like watching the radio.


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