Hello, Biter

Little C. loves spiders. Or as she calls them, “biters.”

That’s a good thing, because we seem to have a bumper crop around our house this summer.


The other day, she spotted one on a wall outside and went closer to get a better look.

“Hello,” she said.

The spider just sat there.

C. crinkled up her face and smiled.

When she left, she waved at it.

Again, the spider just sat there.

C. goes for creepy crawlies of any kind, regularly stopping in her tracks to quietly watch a ladybug or a snail.

She’s gentle and careful not to squish them.

That’s a little bit different than A., who tends to flatten any rolly polly he finds in the yard. It was an accident, he told me after one met an early end.

A walk around our neighborhood can take a long time if the bugs are out and about. C. likes to stop and study each one.

Could she be a budding entomologist, bound to discover new bugs in some remote land? That would be great.

For now, she’s just content making friends with smallest creatures she can find.


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