Stop It, Miss Fungus!

Tensions were high today when curious little C. got too close to A.’s toy garbage truck.

“Stop It, Miss Fungus!” A. yelled out, loud enough to be heard all around the house.

It’s not easy being a 6-year-old boy with a little sister not quite 2.

She gets into his stuff, grabbing his Hot Wheels, tossing his Pokemon cards and just generally raising a ruckus.

A. responds with seemingly random names for her out of frustration.

A. is crazy about his little sister most of the time, and he does nutty dances and anything he can to get her attention and make her laugh.

But sometimes I think he yearns for those 4 1/2 years before she arrived, when he was the focus and the prince of the house.

Shortly after C. was born, A. asked us to buy a baby cannon, so he could shoot her far, far away.

Sorry, we said. She’s here to stay.

A. is free to go in his room and shut the door when his little sister proves too much to handle. That’s his domain, full of Legos and other cool toys that are all his own.

Of course, sometimes he makes up pet names for C.


These days, he calls her Monferno, a playful, fierce, orange-haired Pokemon character. He insists this is a compliment.

He has also dubbed her Hairy Little Crime Fighter, a name he uses with love. I think.

C. is picking up new words of her own all the time, and I’m waiting for the day when she talks back to her brother.

That’s when things will really get interesting.


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