Fruit Market Stroll

The under-the-freeway farmers’ market is just another reason to love Sacramento.


Little C. and I made our weekly visit on Sunday morning, walking among the vendors to pick out produce for the week.

This year-round market, which sits in a shaded parking lot at 6th and X streets, seems to be hitting its seasonal peak right about now.

C. likes this place, and she sat up straight in her stroller taking in the sights and sounds. She likes to get out and about, to soak up anything new. To her, it’s all a big adventure.

As traffic roared by on the elevated freeway above, we made our way among the throngs of shoppers and past booths stacked artfully with produce.

We go back to the same merchants each week, drawn in by friendly sellers and consistently good fruits and veggies.

Our first stop on Sunday was the booth run by J&J Ramos Farms of Hughson. It sits at the northeast corner of the sprawling market. That’s where C. eagerly helped me pick out deep purple plouts. One after another, she dropped them into the bag I held. The peaches here gave off a warm, summery aroma that just begged us to buy them for fruit salad.

We like to get our watermelons from the booth next door run by Jimenez Farm of Stockton. The staff is happy to help pick out good ones and over the years, I can’t remember them selling me a bad melon.

We also like to roll by the Hooverville Orchards booth at the southwest corner of the market. This is the spot for Bartlett pears and Gala apples grown in Placerville. Plus, the guy in charge is a great salesman, always making a loud pitch to those passing by.

By the time we left, the handles of C.’s stroller were loaded down with bags of fruit.

I’ve been going to this market for years, first with A. and now with C. And I’ve seen the same vendors pretty much the whole time.

We try to go before 9 a.m. or after 11:30 a.m. to avoid the crowds. On some days, it seems like half of Sacramento is there. And I can’t blame folks.

This market is one of the constants that makes this town such a great place to live.

We stock up each Sunday on enough produce to carry us through at least Thursday.

And this Sunday, we’ll be back again.


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