Where’s My Remote?

My son is full of good ideas.


“I wish I had a remote to speed up time,” he told me not long ago.

The idea was to make his seventh birthday and Christmas arrive sooner, along with the gifts.

As summer draws to a close, I’m wishing for a remote of my own, to slow down time.

We’ve had a great time as a family over the break, with short vacations to Washington, D.C., and Lake Tahoe.

There was also a fishing trip to Sly Park, lots of swimming and a couple of River Cats games as well.

But the summer has zipped by.

Now A. is about to start the second grade, and little C. will soon turn 2 years old.

I try to enjoy each day with the kids, watching them as they grow almost right before my eyes.

I want to remember the little stuff, like when A. sweetly takes C.’s hand and leads her to the best stuff at the playground.

This window when they are little is so short, and the time just flies by.

I’d like to slow it down, and even pause it, to savor each little minute.


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