2 Years, Too Fast

Little C. turned 2 this week, which left me wondering just where the time has gone.


We had a little party for her last weekend, complete with a cake that included frosting butterflies, dragonflies and, of course, spiders.

C. loves bugs of all kinds, and she really liked having her grandparents, godparents and a couple of little friends over.

The kids decorated sugar cookies and just had a good old time.

It seems like yesterday that C. arrived into the world at the Kaiser hospital in south Sacramento. She wailed with a tiny little voice, and she had a little wisp of red hair that left us scratching our heads.

Red hair is found on both sides of the family, and C. has plenty of it. These days, she runs around with it flowing behind her, curls bouncing as she toddles along.

At her party, she was excited to get a little red wagon, which includes some sweet sippy cup holders and an extra seat for her big brother.

One of the highlights was a gift from her 94-year-old great grandmother: a beautiful old from Germany that belonged to her as a girl.

C. is too young to appreciate such a doll now, but we will put this little baby aside for her to see later.

It was a nice moment to see such a treasure pass from generation to generation.

If I’m left a little dumbstruck by how quickly time has passed, I can just imagine how C.’s great grandmother — my grandmother — must marvel at this rapidly growing, changing child.

I just try not to blink — if I do I might miss something amazing.


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