Night Of Snake Eyes

Our neighborhood was swarming with trick-or-treating ninjas last night. And at least one zombie, a few princesses and a Batman or two.


A. was right there in the mix. He dressed up as Snake Eyes, a G.I. Joe ninja commando in a black bodysuit who, at least on Halloween, was on a mission for candy.

Snake Eyes was definitely the costume of the year in our little corner of the Pocket. We saw at least three other Snake Eyes guys.

“It was like somebody duplicated us,” A. said later.

Sometimes the only way to tell A. from others dressed like him was the big Trader Joe’s bag he carried around to collect sweets.

We met up at dusk with a group of other kids, mostly from A.’s school.

Little C. came along as well, the youngest of the bunch. She was dressed up as the world’s cutest bumble bee, visiting a few houses for treats and then settling into her wagon, which L. and I took turns pulling along. C. rode along like a princess, diving into her haul of candy.

The pack of kids roamed the neighborhood, and we parents stood out on the sidewalk watching as they collected their haul at each door.

At one point, we found a home where the garage was turned into a haunted house. Very cool stuff: a bowl of pasta with eye balls (A. insisted they were real), a skull with a snake coming out and some scary sounds.

It was the best of trick-or-treat nights, with a nearly full moon and clear skies. I walked along in short sleeves, enjoying the pleasant fall night.

The best thing for me is the loot. A. is very generous. When he got home home, he spent a long time sorting out his candy. He saves the Kit Kats and Almond Joys for me. Mommy gets the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

He is a good boy, and the kindest of ninjas.


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