Slightly New Hairdo, Same Wild Girl

Little C., whose curly red locks bounce as she runs around the house, got her first haircut today.

Not too much. Just a little off the ends. And she didn’t raise a fuss at all.

At the recommendation of some friends, we took her up to Natomas to Cool Cuts 4 Kids.

We made it a family outing. L. was on hand to tell the stylist what we wanted. I was there to take photos and A. came along to watch.

This place is set up for kids. Little C. sat in a red fire engine that doubles as a barber chair. The stylist put on an Elmo video, and C. sat still and glued to the nearby TV screen, making it easy to cut her hair.

For the older kids, they have video games. A. was in the zone with a round of Mario Kart.

C. is a little more than 2 years old, and her hair has gotten slightly out of control. It’s been drooping into her eyes, and she’s started flicking it out of the way with her hand. We’ve tried to help her out, especially in the last couple months or so. L. has tried barrettes, but C. takes them out as soon as they are put in.

C. just likes her hair wild.

The stylist carefully put little bits of C.’s hair into a bag as a keepsake. She worked quickly, and put a little plastic flower into C.’s hair just for fun.

The tyke left it in for a few minutes, just long enough for me to get a photo. Then she tore it out.

Nobody, C. seemed to be telling us, can totally tame her hair.


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