Star Wars Theater

I never get tired of watching the old-school “Star Wars” flicks, and it’s even more fun when most of the audience is under age 8.

Our front room became a theater the other day, with “Return of the Jedi” as the main attraction.

Seven-year-old A., his 8-year-old amigo L. and little 2-year-old C. lined up on the coach to check out of frozen Hoth and the swamp of Dagobah.

The trio chomped through three bags of microwave popcorn (yikes!) as the battle scenes played out and Yoda tried to teach the ways of the Force to Luke.

The boys took it all pretty seriously. What ship would you fly in? The Millenium Falcon, they both agreed. What character would you be? Both said Luke.

As for C., she was just taking it all in.

“Who’s that?” she would ask when someone or something new showed up.

Fuzzy little Yoda caught her attention.

“A doggy!” she said, trying to make sense of this wise creature.

The boys asked themselves what they would do if they had the Force at their disposal.

A. said he would lift up a chair.

L. said he would use the Force on his teacher.

I didn’t ask why.

I just sat back and listened Yoda’s deep advice.

“Clear your mind of questions,” he tells Luke.

So true, I thought, vegging out as the movie played on.

“You must unlearn what you have learned,” he says at another point.

Also right on the money, in so many ways. Much can we all learn from this little green critter.

As for the kids, their attention wandered a little toward the end. They were busy making a fort out of the couch cushions. After the credits rolled, A. and L. engaged in a mock lightsaber fight.

Yes, the Force is strong with them.


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