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iPad Generation

Put the iPad in the hands of a 7-year-old, and you know that this gadget is something special.

A. and I were at Arden Fair Mall tonight to get him some new sneakers, and we couldn’t resist stopping by the Apple store to look around.

We each picked up an iPad for the first time and started trying them out.

I fumbled around, checking out a news photo gallery and looking at how The New Yorker appeared on the screen. Hmmm, I thought, this seems like a really good way for news to be delivered.

A., without any guidance from me, figured out where the fun stuff was, and immediately started playing a skateboard game called Touch Grind HD.

I quickly followed suit, dumping out of my old fogey news site. I began my own game of Touch Grind.

In the time it took me to learn how to control the skateboard on the screen, A. was already doing tricks with his board.

How does a little kid figure all of this out within just a couple minutes? Intuition goes a long way in learning this machine. Plus, A. is very smart and his generation just seems used to stuff like this.

The store was about the close and we had to go. But as we left, A. said, “I want an iPad!”

When we got home, I mentioned our iPad encounter to my wife. Said asked if I want one. But I’m a little unsure.

It’s sort of a cross between a laptop and an iPhone. But do a I really need it?

Don’t get me wrong. A long time ago I wasn’t sure if I needed an iPod, but I sure love the 30GB model I still have.

Time will tell for the iPad, I guess. It just seems like it has changed the game in a good way.


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