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20 Minutes

I’m the first one to volunteer to take A. to swim lessons these days.

Sure, it’s great to see him progress. The little guy can swim like a fish.

But it’s really all about me getting 20 minutes in the evening to sit down by the side of the pool and do nothing. Ahhhhhhh.

A. is in a two-week session at the Cabana Club, with a short lesson each night.

That’s given me a rare chance to sit with my iPod, just flipping through tunes. One night it was Blues Traveler, Chris Isaak, Doug Sahm and Ozomatli. Another time it was Alpha Blondy, Jackie Greene, Santana and Steve Earle. It all sounds so good while sitting out in the open.

I plop down in a plastic pool chair, in the shade of a very tall hedge, watching A. run through swim exercises with his teacher. A. dives, tries the crawl and then the backstroke. He’s very serious about getting it right. But he also looks over and smiles every once in awhile when he sees me watching.

I’m not the only parent with this idea. I see others like me vegging out as their kids take lessons or play in the water. The kids get some good exercise, the parents get a little rest and everyone is happy.

Of course, my wife has caught on to my scheme, so we trade off for the privilege of taking A. to the pool. The other parent stays home, taking care of little C., who will be in swim lessons of her own one of these days.

The session is nearly done, and my little siestas are numbered. I may have to sign A. up for another round.


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