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Good Times

Little C. has had a little extra sugar-fueled twinkle in her eye this week, which comes with celebrating her third birthday.

On Sunday, we had family and friends over for a party, and she sat on the patio in the back yard with her little amigos and dug into a slice of Hello Kitty birthday cake with gusto.

Somehow, frosting ended up in her hair, but she didn’t seem to mind. It was all about eating, blowing bubbles and running around.

She just lives in the moment, relishing her birthday and volunteering to those she meets that she is now 3 years old. Never mind that she holds up two fingers or four fingers when sharing her age. It doesn’t matter.

She got some pink rain boots with horses on the front as a gift from her Grandma Gail. She loves them, and wears them with shorts outside. Yes, it’s topped 90 degrees much of this week. There’s not a rain cloud in sight. She doesn’t care. She wore them while riding her scooter down the street. The treads seemed to offer great traction. She loves those boots, and even wears them with her pajamas to bed.

Today when I picked her up from daycare, she was wearing a purple construction paper crown that told everyone it was her actual birthday. It had stickers and smiley faces on it. She felt very special wearing it.

When we got home, she was thrilled to find a balloon bouquet from her Grandpa Sam and Grandma Susan waiting for her on the doorstep. She carried the balloons around the house like new-found friends.

Tonight, to mark the day, we got some take-out Mexican food from El Faro. She wanted a quesadilla, and just the idea of it made her happy.

It’s so much fun watching her try new things and enjoy the little stuff. She wakes up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, moving at 100 mph when I’m still sipping my first cup of coffee.

Her embrace of everything new is a reminder to enjoy things as they happen. It’s easy to forget as I plod from chore to chore at home.

She races into life, and her birthday is just another reason to have a blast.


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