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Darth Vader Sleepover

Could Darth Vader be misunderstood?

Three-year-old little C. thinks so.

Let’s back up a little. In a moment of weak parenting, I let C. and big bro A. watch “Star Wars” Episodes IV and V. It appeared to be a good idea. Nothing beats these old-school stories. Since L. is out of town on business and I’m watching the kids by myself for five days, it also seemed like a fine thing to keep them occupied.

But somehow C. has gotten attached to Vader, and now she wants to go to his house for a sleepover and to play video games.

“Darth Vader’s nice,” she said.

What does she see in this guy? After all, he has succumbed to the dark side after all. (I hope I’m not left asking myself the same question about her prom date when she’s 16.)

Trying to figure out her fixation, I asked a few questions.

So what kind of video games does he like?

“Star Wars” games, of course.

What’s his favorite sleepover food?

“Snail sandwiches,” she joked.

(That’s actually what I promise to make for dinner some nights. I usually just make mac and cheese.)

But what do they really want to eat at the sleepover?

“Pizza,” she said.

She said they’ll put on their pajamas. She’ll wear PJs with dinosaurs on them, while his will have tigers.

They’ll have flashlights, stay up late and have cereal in the morning. When it’s over, they’ll go for a walk, she said.

It all sounds like a pretty good time, except for the fact that Vader likes to go after people with a light saber.

“He’s my friend,” she said.

Boy, I hope this is just a phase.


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