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Elvis Vs. Hemi

There’s a serious food-truck showdown happening on the streets of downtown, with two of my favorites — Drewski’s and Wicked Wich — vying to see who can make the best mac ‘n’ cheese sandwich creation.

Elvis sandwich

I’m the first in line when it comes to enjoying the whole recent food truck surge in our fair city. I track ’em, and when they park near my Capitol Mall office and I have a few extra bucks, I’m there. It’s an idea whose time has come, independent of the whole political debate over how long trucks can park in the same spot. It’s just plan good comfort food, and I’m a fan.

My first taste of Drewski’s happened earlier this year when the flame-covered rig pulled up in front of KCRA for a live shot. I sampled a pulled pork sammy embedded with mac, aka the Hemi. It’s heavy as a brick and sooooo good. These guys also know how to make great sides, with tots standing out as some of the best in town.

Wicked Wich has game as well, with a creation call the Elvis. The slaw has a nice zing, while the mac is supple and sublime. The best part is the chipped ham, slathered in a smoky sauce that ties the whole thing together. The only drawback is the bread, which was a little soggy when I had it. Ciabatta would work better in this case. Still, I’d order it again.

I know this whole concept is nothing new. I remember discovering these kind of trucks years ago in downtown Modesto, where a fleet of plain, no-nonsense operations serve of delicious burritos and tacos along the railroad tracks near Eighth and H streets. They’re still there, and I try to stop by whenever I’m visiting.

I was in heaven earlier this year when the MoFo took place in Fremont Park. (And I’m willing to forgive organizers for failing to prepare for the hordes of ravenous food truck diners who showed up.) A. and I showed up early, but we still only managed to hit two trucks before the lines got too long.

I’m just happy to see this whole thing go mainstream and thrive. And if they serve it and tweet about it, I’ll show up.


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